Hello! I am Florent Tahiri. I work as a IT specialist for system integration. I have a passion for development and everything to do with making people happy with new modern technology.

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Special Skills

About me

Privately, I develop a lot for others as well as for myself in order to constantly expand my experience. I have worked on many projects and I am happy to see what these projects have already achieved.

My way of thinking

Learn from the past, dream of the future but... Live in the present.

My know-how

Python, JavaScript, PHP, HTML & CSS
WordPress, Git & MySQL
Linux & Windows

Founder & Head Developer / gzglobal.eu

Somewhere in the middle of 2018 I decided to start programming without any experience. At the beginning of 2019, I programmed my first Discord bot, which over time has become a must-have for community Discord servers. To this day, the bot is one of the most popular of its kind. The community demands became higher and higher, so I had to expand my knowledge in every direction. From 2019 to the beginning of 2024, the bot was only available in German and was the number one in the German-speaking area during this period. Since the beginning of 2024, we have been supporting more than 10 languages and have thus become the world leader with a unique idea and AI.

Administrator & Head Developer/ germanhub.xyz

GermanHub.xyz Hosting is an innovative and free hosting service specifically designed to meet the needs of small projects, start-ups, developers and hobbyists. Our platform offers a user-friendly, reliable and scalable hosting solution that allows users to launch and run their websites and applications without financial hurdles.

Staff & contribution / pycord.dev

Pycord is a community support server for the "py-cord" library - an asynchronous, open-source wrapper for the Discord API.The Pycord library lets you create Discord App without having to handle rate-limits, packets, connections, or any other annoying things. Instead, you can focus on what really matters. With Pycord, it's easy to create commands, manage interactions (slash commands, buttons, menus, user interactions, message interactions), voice commands, and so much more!

My contribution / that I left

Kaytem Discord Bot/App, big announcement but due to legal and financial problems it was never published.

Invitelogger Discord bot/app, big announcement was released but we were bought out after 1 month.

discord-botlist.eu offers a wide variety of bots for your personal needs.

One-off developments for young starters

And many other projects, in total there were about 15 official projects that I worked on, excluding the ones mentioned above.

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